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Ebadur Rahman, is a Paris-and-Dhaka based theoretician/filmmaker and, artist.

He is the founder and, the chairman of the People's Museum of Bangladesh and, the minister of propaganda of Gulmoher Republic; executive director, New Media Film, Prism Media Bangladesh. Also, he runs a publishing co-operative: BE Collective. Ebad is one of the most innovative prose stylist of the Bengali language; he is the first translator of Ferdinand de Saussure into Bengali; he, also, translated the works of Jean Cocteau, Pierre Jean Jouve, Henri Michaux, Roger Giroux etc.

Ebad received transmission from venerable Buddhist teachers and, was trained in various monastic settings in Japan, Thailand, Burma, and with teachers like tetsugen Bernard Glassman sensei, Sasaki Roshi, and Nobel prize nominee Sulak Sivaraksa.