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Ebadur Rahman new book just came out in Bangladesh, on 10th of December, 2015. This will be the first Bengali art-book to be simultaneously distributed by Amazon India and Amazon USA.


"1 Bag Shilpo" ( A sackful of arts), the first book of it's kind, that documents, and telescopes into the contemporary visual culture scene of Bangladesh, from the perspectives of it's protagonists, and peer into the unhistory, and the process of the vernacular practices through the other side of the looking glass as well.
Partially Bilingual--in Bengali and English--"1 Bag Shilpo" is a mild manifesto palimpsestically mobilising original personal essays, interviews-- from K. G. Subramanyan to Utpal Kumar Basu, Bice Curiger and, Harald Szeemann; from Nasir Uddin Yousuff to Tareque Masud and Nurul Alam Atique--and sections on polemics, oppositional agitprops, tactical curatorial practices, euro-eccentric art history-making, poverty row trans-platform media making, and cultural detritus like documentation of the destruction of the house of Rumer Godden--the writer of The River, the novel on which Jean Renoir's film was based, photo essay on the house where Satyajit Ray shot The Music Room, Novera's funarel photos, photos from Uday Shankar's first tour of Europe, in 1931 etc.
"1 Bag Shilpo" is the long waited sequel of Purba Banglar Bhasha (The Language of East Bengal) which got picked up as one of the 6 Best Non Fiction Books by Prothom Alo--the most widely circulated newspaper in Bengali language . Purba Banglar Bhasha inaugurated an unprecedented array of responses and debate-- both in Bangladesh and in West Bengal-- with regards to a new post-colonial literary language of (greater) Bengal and quickly become a source book for young culture makers and political activists and attained authority to set cultural agenda for the new century."

--Ebadur Rahman