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People's Collaborative Museum and Archive

PEOPLE’S MUSEUM OF BANGLADESH is a collective representational space for Bangladeshi artists, artisans, poets, philosophers and merrymakers.

PEOPLE’S MUSEUM OF BANGLADESH is a resource hub—embracing national and international cultural venue, organization, arts agency and network, group and individual artist, fair/festival, academy, local authorities, funding body, media—catering to the specific need and demand of the Bengali diaspora citizens.

PEOPLE’S MUSEUM OF BANGLADESH is the only multi-faceted platform for Bangladeshi artists, mostly, living and working in South Asia or in the diasporas.

PEOPLE’S MUSEUM OF BANGLADESH inaugurates—by enthusiastically staging micro narratives of Bangladeshi culture makers—a complex process of intellectual intervention that thwarts any return to closed euro-centric antecedents and canonistic vantage points

©Ebadur Rahman